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Alpha Lion Super Human Post

Alpha Lion Super Human Post
Alpha Lion Super Human Post
Alpha Lion Super Human Post
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Superhuman Post is the ultimate post-workout muscle builder for increasing muscle size, strength, and volume. Read more..

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Key Benefits:

  • Accelerates Muscle Growth and Volume
  • Maximize Strength & Power Output
  • Increases mTOR Activity & Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Enhanced Recovery & Absorption w/ Velositol® and AstraGin®

Product Features:

  • New and improved 2022 formula
  • Research-backed ingredients
  • 100% label transparency
  • NO banned substances
  • Safe with NO side effects
  • All ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)
  • No proprietary blends (aka full transparency)
  • Scientifically-studied premium ingredients
  • And most importantly… No BS!


Fast Acting Post-Workout Muscle Builder!

SUPERHUMAN POST utilizes max doses in the 3 perfect anabolic nutrients your body needs to fuel Post-Workout muscle growth with added Astragin for Absorption and electrolytes (calcium, potassium, and sodium) for more gains.

The SCIENCE behind the perfect Tri-Fecta of Post-Workout muscle growth.

1. Leucine Stimulates Post-Workout Gains
Leucine is one of the most effective ways to reverse exercise-induced protein degradation in muscle.

Leucine intake has been shown to directly stimulate muscle protein synthesis and inhibit muscle protein breakdown, ultimately promoting muscle growth by activating the nutrient-sensing molecule mTOR.

The muscle-building effect of leucine consumption has been shown in several studies to be the most potent after resistance training.

A study by Walker et al.1 showed that leucine consumption immediately after working out increased mTOR activity for many hours post-workout, leading to greater muscle protein synthesis, compared to a second group that did not take leucine after the workout.

REFERENCE TO STUDY: 1. Walker DK, Dickinson JM, et al. Exercise, amino acids, and aging in the control of human muscle protein synthesis. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2011;43, 2249-2258.

2. Betaine Stimulates Post-Workout Gains
Betaine increases cellular water retention through osmosis. The ability of betaine to maintain hydration reduces the negative impact that dehydration can have on exercise performance - and help your muscles look fuller with more volume after your training session on top of fuel post-workout muscle gains!

Betaine’s uncanny ability to function as an osmolyte increases muscle growth by causing the muscle fiber to swell.

Research has shown that muscle cell swelling stimulates protein synthesis and decreases protein breakdown, resulting in muscle growth.

Some of betaine’s muscle-building effects likely come from its capacity to donate a methyl group, which simply consists of one carbon atom and three hydrogen atoms, which has been shown to increase the production of creatine.

Betaine’s ability to function as a methyl donor increases the uptake of creatine into the muscle cell by stimulating the conversion of homocysteine into methionine, which effectively lowers homocysteine levels.

Since higher homocysteine levels have been shown to impair insulin signaling lower homocysteine levels caused by betaine should improve insulin sensitivity, and therefore the insulin-driven uptake of creatine into the muscle cell.

The ability of betaine to increase creatine production and muscle cell uptake is likely the primary reason why betaine has been shown to significantly increase anaerobic power (strength gains!) in key lifts like the bench press and squat.

3. Creatine Increases Post-Workout Gains
Creatine monohydrate is one of the most well-documented muscle building supplements of all time and for good reason.

SUPERHUMAN POST utilizes 5 grams of the superior form of Creatine Monohydrate in Creapure™ for increased muscle gains.

Several studies have shown the positive influence of creatine monohydrate supplementation on high-intensity exercise performance, where the gains really happen! Creatine supplementation increases power output during intense exercise, while also stimulating muscle gains from each workout.

The unique capacity of creatine to boost size and strength comes from its ability to function as a primary energy storage molecule that rapidly reverses the depletion of muscle cell energy during muscular contraction.

The maintenance of energy levels in the muscle cell prolongs the capacity for muscular contraction, promoting superior exercise performance and greater muscle growth.

Creatine also drives muscle growth by triggering increases in muscle protein synthesis.

SUPERHUMAN POST is fully equipped with the proper dosage you need to fuel strength and muscle gains from every workout.

Super Human Post

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